You might be a project manager if…

Inspired by the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck if…” humor, Frank Saladis was discussing how many people are project managers without realizing it. He suggested that it would be fun for us to see your creative responses to, “You might be a project manager if….”


  1. Kay Wais says:

    during yoga class someone compliments you on being agile, and you respond that you prefer the rational methodology.

  2. Elizabeth Morse says:

    …you identified the critical path when planning your wedding.

  3. Diana Jonas says:

    if….you’re a MOTHER, especially a single mother with two jobs!! goes without saying….okay maybe being a father qualifies too I leave that for another blogger – it has not been my experience…

    But I can attest that single moms routinely: build and guide our teams/families into the ‘performing’ mode, crash mulitple plans each and EVERY day… resource level while preparing dinner… gold plate for school projects… scope out homework and…. apply masterful scheduling techniques just to arrange play dates…we monitor and control household budgets etc etc.

    And all this before we even leave the house…

  4. Pradyumn Daga says:

    … you mumble “gold plating” when your wife critiques the quality of your domestic chore!

  5. Ed Kuligowski says:

    Rodney Dangerfield is your patron saint (“I don’t get no respect”) … also see

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