What are you doing for IPM Day 2015? send a note to saladispmp@msn.com


  1. Suraj Somvanshi says:

    We have organized an event on IPM Day in our institute NITIE, Mumbai in collaboration with PMI India. Event consist of celebration of IPM Day, invite PM Professionals from industries, education institutes and share there experiences followed by panel discussion. In 2nd half of event we are conducting an students activity with various interesting competitions and quizzes.

    • fsaladis says:

      Thank you for supporting IPM Day. Good luck with your event. Frank Saladis PMP, PMI Fellow

    • fsaladis says:

      Suraj, I visited Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore recently and I have seen the high level of interest in project management at several organizations. Thank you for supporting International Project Management Day. Frank Saladis

  2. General Electric, Power & Watter, Monitoring & Diagnostic General Manager is allowing all of his PMs (~20) to use company time to attend IIL’s Virtual Conference on IPM Day. Susan McGowan and Ashley Redhead are providing pre-briefs to help the PMs customize thier schedules to take full advantage of the keynotes, networking, and training that are offered via IIL’s IPM Day event.

  3. We are celebrating our PM’s tomorrow to recogise their contribution in achiving our organisational goals. Our event will include presentation on analysis of performance of closed projects over the previous financial year, and what the next year is looking like for our project community. We then have our Project Manager of the Year and Project Board Member of the year awards, finishing up with food, drinks and networking. Around the room we will have on the walls the nominations for all the project managers to celebrate their strengths and contributions. Happy IPM Day!

    • fsaladis says:

      Thank you Tamara and a special thanks to all of the project managers in your organization. The idea of having a “Project Manager of the year” is outstanding. I can see your organization values the contributions of its project managers.

      • fsaladis says:

        Peter Fisher advised me that “We’ll be having donuts and sharing PM experiences at Air Products in Allentown, PA!. Thanks Peter. Small, informal sessions like this are an excellent way to network, share ideas, and say thanks.

        • fsaladis says:

          Rich Maltzman PMP, at Alcatel Lucent advised me that:

          This is our 8th Annual IPM Day, we get about 1,000 attendees. Speakers are from all over the world, and from inside and outside of the company. The session kicks off with a keynote from our leadership, acknowledging the importance of the discipline and recognizing the thousands of PMs in the company.

          This is the first year we have done this fully virtual, with all of the sessions being recorded in advance and available 24×7 for attendees following IPM Day.

  4. Sandra Yee-Benedetto says:

    Thank you Frank for your informative talk this morning at Mayo Clinic’s International Project Management Day celebration! I enjoyed your perspectives on being an Effective, Positive and passionate Project Manager, Personal Leadership Strategies (CORE Leadership), and PAL tips for effective meeting behaviors and preparation. Thank you Jackie Wright for arranging!

  5. Zahara Khan says:

    At PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter, we have combined our 112th monthly seminar with the IPM Day Celebrations. This year, we are having a mini conference inviting a guest of honor along with 3 speakers. We will also be honoring our volunteers and the organization with maximum no. of members in our chapter. The event will also have networking tea & lunch. Frank, we plan to display your video introducing the IPM Day and its objectives. Do you have such a video? Currently, we have the one you recorded for IIL’s IPM Day Conference 2014. Thanks!

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