May 1, Agile in Action at Menlo Innovations


This Webinar was recorded live at Menlo Innovations on Wed., May 1, 2013.

Menlo Innovations is a software design and development firm that has worked to perfect the open and collaborative work environment and that has become infamous for their “all-out Agile project management all the time”. Their unusual culture is why they toured 240 groups through their office in Detroit last year. Many of us in the project management community want to see how it can really work if the whole company is passionate about Agility. This is unlike any work environment you’ve ever seen before!

At Menlo Innovations they do paired programming and paired project management. People get a new partner every week. People don’t have their own seat or their own computers – instead the project has a location, and the people move to where the project is. Their daily “stand-up meeting” has included as many as 85 people.

If you find all of this interesting, join us for our free live Webinar from Menlo Innovations.

James Goebel, COO and Chief Architect, Menlo Innovations

James Goebel, COO and Chief Architect,
Menlo Innovations

James is a founding partner in a product design company, Menlo Innovations, that uses highly collaborative project teams to design and implement innovative products for clients that place high value on user adoption.

The team he helped build at Menlo Innovations has successfully blended an Extreme Programming development team, usability design specialists, a quality assurance practice, and formal project management. The company has moved twice to accommodate growth and maintain its open collaborative floor space. Representatives from start up companies as well as large Fortune 500 firms routinely tour Menlo’s Software Factory environment to study its implementation of agile.

James has worked in a variety of environments from 2 employee startups up to billion dollar organizations. As a coach and change agent, James has helped organizations achieve dramatic transformations in both process and culture. He enjoys speaking at conferences, teaching classes, and speaking to small local groups in order to sharing the lessons he has learned.
James Goebel is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified Scrum Master, and has an MBA from Eastern Michigan University. He has practiced software product development for more than twenty years as a developer, team lead, system architect, project manager, practice director, and executive coach. For the past ten years he has been building and managing Agile software teams.