List of Volunteers…


Frank P. Saladis, PMP, Founder of IPM Day

Residing in Staten Island, NY, USA

[ More information on Frank.]


Kay Wais, PMP, Director Special Projects

Owner, Successful Projects

Residing in La Crosse, WI, USA


Dima Muhyar, PMP, IPM Day CRM Manager

Residing in Jordan

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Laura Fraser, PMP,  IPMD Sister City Director

Residing in Canada

[ More information on Laura.]


Brian Munroe, PMP, Social Media Director

Owner, MTI Learning

Residing in Canada


Frank Polack, PMP, Webmaster


Residing in the US



Marc Bonnemains, Director of Volunteers

Residing in France. To contact :

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Elaine Jackson, Day in the Life Director

Owner, Holistic Project Management Consulting

Residing in the U.S.


Naomi Caietti, Women in PM 2012 Theme Chair

Residing in the U.S.


Nah Wee Yang, Youth in Project Management 2012 Theme Chair

Residing in Singapore.

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Renee Adair, Director of IPM Day Webinars

Residing in Austin, Texas, USA



Australia, Melbourne: Stephen Dowling

Singapore: Nah Wee Yang [LinkedIn Profile | About Me]