Sponsoring Organizations:

5 Reasons sponsoring benefits your organization:

  1. Channel people to your web site or contact information.
  2. A great connection to a global project management market and the building of awareness for your organization, product, or brand.
  3. Low advertising costs for the value.
  4. Link referals allow you to send “click-throughs” to unique pages on your site that appeal to people who are involved with International Project Management Day.
  5. It helps promote project management!

The International Project Management Day (IPM Day) web site accepts organizational sponsorships for this web site for small amounts of tastefully displayed advertising. Sponsors find that in addition to supporting a good cause,  they also benefit from the goodwill associated with being linked from this highly visible and international web site.

This site actually gets traffic year-around because organizers plan their IPM Day events far in advance of November. We are happy to share our site metrics with sponsors but we do not share our site user details or contact information


  1. Tash Lee says:

    My name is Tash Lee and I’m a Marketing Executive at a learning consultancy based in the UK called The Learning People.
    We specialise in project management and IT certification, and are always eager to join in with anything project management related – especially something as global as International Project Management day.
    How could we go about getting involved? And would you consider providing us with any material to use as a blog post promoting the day on our site at all?
    All the best.

    • fsaladis says:

      Greetings, Please contact me directly at saladispmp@msn.com I can provide information that will be helpful in promoting the day and helping us spread the word about International Project Management Day

      Frank Saladis PMP – Founder IPM Day

  2. Yes! Finally something about project management.

  3. Joe says:


    Could you please send a media pack with more information about sponsorship opportunities?

  4. Dorai sinna says:

    Dear Officer-in-charge,

    I am the President of the Malaysian Association for Project Management (MAPM), which is also the Member Association of IPMA. We are interested in learning more about International Project Management Day. Thus, we would be most obliged if you can share with us the relevant information so that we can evaluate as to whether we want to organize the IPM Day in Kuala Lumpur this year.

    Awaiting your reply.


    Dorai Sinna

    • fsaladis says:

      Greetings Dorai,

      International Project Management Day is intended to be a day of acknowledgement and recognition for project managers. It is not a celebration of project management, it is a day of appreciation for project managers and project teams. many organizations arrange for conferences and educational events as part of IPM Day. These events often include motivational speakers, educational tracks, and networking opportunities. For more information send an email to saladispmp@msn.com

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