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  1. I beleive that the sister partner can learn from the Project Management Toastmasters Club (PMTMC). Here are some teachings it can provide:

    * how to enhance communication, leadership and project management skills in individuals by leveraging a proven educational program and the learn-by-doing principle
    * how to create, promote and foster a supportive and nurturing environment that is conducive to the learning process, so that individuals develop self-confidence and skills to become effective public speakers and communicators, more efficient leaders and better project management practitioners
    * how to use evaluation, feedback and constructive criticism to improve communication and leadership skills in individuals
    * how to leverage mentoring, performance appraisal and structured learning programs (e.g. PM Forum)to sharpen their communication, leadership and project management competencies.
    * how to develop vision and mission and run a not-for-profit organization and operate it to achieve success and growth

    Hope this suffices to enable the start of a sister city program for the PMTMC.

    Joseph Fernandes, PMP
    President, PMTMC

  2. Peter says:

    IPM DAY 2012

    PMIZ will once again this year join the rest of the world in celebrating the INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT DAY (IPM DAY) to be hosted in Harare at the Chapman Golf Club on 1 November 2012 from 9 to 5pm. The Zimbabwe Celebrations will comprise of a high profile conference & a mini corporate exhibition. Local and International PMP Speakers will take turns at the podium to testify the about the Value of Corporate Engineering from Project Management; which is the theme of the Zimbabwe event this year. Please register your name to participate at this event or twin with us via email: We are looking for organisers in neighbouring country cities such as Gaborone, Pretoria, Maputo, Lusaka, Maseru or even Nairobi to twin our event with

  3. Laura Fraser says:

    Hi Peter,

    It’s great to hear that you’re commemorating International Project Management Day again this year.

    Your event sounds well planned out.

    If I hear from a neighboring country, I will certainly partner you together. I do have an International Project Management Toastmasters group that is planning an event for November 1st in Toronto that I might suggest you partner with in which you can promote your events asynchronously. How do you feel about that?

    Can you please forward me your logo for our website and webpage.

    Best regards,

    Laura Fraser
    IPM Day Sister City Director

    • Peter says:

      Thats great Laura, we are moving full steam ahead with final IPM Day party preparations for Harare. We are ecstatic to twin with the Toronto Toastmasters Club. PMP Nyasha Mukura is our Committee Member running with our event organization. Professor Herman Styen from the University of Pretoria South Africa; the only University Accredited by PMI in Africa will be our main Speaker at IPM Day Harare.

      Are there any IPM Day events in Nigeria or UK that we can link as well?

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