Sister City Program


Collaboration of Project Managers, Uniting as a Profession

Laura Fraser, PMP, IPMD Sister City Director


The overarching goal for IPM Day is to connect project managers around the globe in a moment of pride and appreciation and to communicate that project management is a universal language.


As Director of the IPMD Sister City program, my vision is to build upon Frank’s aspiration and foster a global community that builds links between cities, organizations and Project professional individuals around the world. IPMD Sister City program is designed to strengthen the connection between Project Managers worldwide, cultivating the profession by building a true global community to form as a united body.


Vision of the Sister City Programme Movement
  • To understand the collective social responsibility as a Project Management Professional
  • To open communication channels internationally; building a communication bridge for information exchange
  • Strengthen ties amongst the Project Management profession internationally
  • Forging the Project Management Profession union and becoming a united voice on issues that matter to the Project Management Profession globally
  • Raise awareness on technological innovation, sustainability etc.

Eliminate communication barriers so the movement of the project management profession can exist globally as a community and arise to the needs of project management i.e. Global disasters

Put the INTERNATIONAL in your IPM Day by connecting with a sister city who is celebrating IPM Day in another part of the world.   By taking action in IPMD Sister City Programme, your organization, PMI chapter or city will be linked to another Sister City across the globe. The marriage of your Sister City will allow you to synchronize the energies of Project professionals globally “without borders”.


By participating, you and your Sister City match will benefit from the following:


  • Mastermind and build informative knowledge exchanges with state-of-the-art organizations and experienced Project Managers worldwide
  • Take part in the movement and Celebration of International Project Management Day by sharing in cultural lesson exchanges
  • Build a communication bridge; exchange views and jointly reflect on the challenges that face the project management profession internationally and share in monumental lessons learned
  • Earn PDU’s through Not For Profit: IPMD
  • Give back to the profession by contributing to and sharing your insights on innovational best practices

Use the Sister City Connection Form at the bottom of the page to indicate your organization’s interest in connecting with a Sister City.  PMI Chapters, companies, and any other groups honoring IPM Day are eligible to participate.