Message from Frank Saladis regarding Hurricane Sandy

As many of you know, our IPM Day founder and leader Frank Saladis lives with his family on Staten Island in New York, which was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy last night. They are without power and Internet and many people have been inquiring about him. Via limited text messaging, he has asked me to convey a message to you. This is not verbatim.

My family is safe. Please look for opportunities to help your friends and neighbors in the impacted areas. We need to bring the entire project management community together and find ways to help others in need. It is a time to really show the talents and abilities of the project manager.

Right now there is very little phone service and Internet access is limited. Use text messages to communicate with family and friends if possible.

It will be a day before public transportation is working. Driving is very dangerous. Traffic lights are out everywhere.


Frank was scheduled to be presenting at an IPM day event in South Africa this week. That and many other IPM Day events will be impacted by this disaster. I will continue to post Frank’s updates here.


  1. Kay Wais says:

    Frank is messaging a note of encouragement to those who are hosting IPM Day events to consider help in the relief effort after Hurricane Sandy. Our IPM Day team of volunteers is very interested in helping coordinate projects aiding in recovery efforts. It fits our mission and skill sets!

  2. Kay Wais says:

    Frank is messaging that as the day goes on and power remains out, and people are trying to help in the recovery efforts on Staten Island, people need ways to charge cellphones. Or iPads to help keep in touch and communicate.

    Frank would like to see the NJ, NYC, and Long Island PMI chapters get their project managers involved in coordinating recovery projects.

  3. Kay Wais says:

    It is 8 pm eastern time and the power and Internet is still down as darkness has fallen on Staten Island. Officials say the current death toll is reportedly 5 but devastation is significantly more than that.

    Frank is organizing and talking with officials to help determine the needs and requirements as he tries to help determine how the project management community can help.

    He would also like the project managers in the New Jersey and New York areas to comment here on how people outside of the community can best help them with their recovery needs.

    • fsaladis says:

      Greetings, a special fund is being set up for Staten Island victims. I am hoping the PM community can help. Victims in all areas need food and clothing and items such as soap and shampoo. Many families have lost everything. If possible, try to find a way to help. organize a collection point for items. There will be many ways to get supplies to the NY and NJ areas.

  4. Kay Wais says:

    Frank is still having communication problems in their area but he got this text message out:
    IIL has postponed their IPM Day virtual conference to Nov. 15th however most other IPM Day events scheduled for tomorrow are going on as planned.

    Frank is in touch with his local boro presidents office and he is organizing a way for people to donate to help the victims in his metro area. He is also trying to connect with New Jersey officials.

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