IPM Day Women in Project Management

Martin Chernenkoff moderates Women in Project Management: Leaders in Charge”
Naomi Caietti, Deanne Earle, and Vicki James.


Join us for an engaging discussion about the business side of project management, leadership styles in male dominated fields, and natural strengths of women in project management, with three of the profession’s most successful  thought leaders.


  1. fsaladis says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for supporting International project management day

    • fsaladis says:

      If you are aware of any events that took place on IPM Day, please send a note with the information. We are collecting information about all IPM Day events. We are interested to see just how extensive the IPM Day network has become. Thanks Frank Saladis

  2. Jie says:

    this special session is great!

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