Exceptional Moments in Project Management

Share experiences that accentuate the value of project management and may inspire others to seek a career in project management.

Do you remember a time in your project management career when you and your team conquered a significant obstacle; turned a potential failure into incredible success; led a project team to extraordinary performance?

Show the International Project Management Community your “extraordinary”!


  1. TARUN JAIN says:

    Though the philosophy of implementing Project management concepts help in every arena like service management , operations , small Projects , but in time and budget critical Projects its importance is unimaginable and it spells the difference between success and failure . I remember a Project which was to implement Mobile Number Portability and test across all platforms and operators across India , the existing Project manager resigned to pressure and stress just 1 week before the actual testing with regulatory . Using the Project Management Skills I motivated my team , we worked day -night to plug all the gaps and set all systems in place with documentation readiness. With proper status reporting , escalations at right time , keeping stakeholders identified and satisfied and managing triple constraints of scope , time and budget was challenging as well as demanding . This was the time where I felt leadership , motivation , managing conflicts and structured communication is of paramount importance in complex projects and now i believe ” Projects don’t fail ,People fail “. Tarun

    • fsaladis says:

      Thank you for sharing. I like the “Exceptional Moments in Project Management” concept and you have clearly shown how challenging the project manager positiion can be. Thank you. Frank Saladis PMP

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