Getting a Proclamation

A great way to increase goodwill with project managers in your community and gain publicity for your IPM Day event is to obtain an official Proclamation from your Mayor/Commissioner/Governor. Proclamations are given in recognition of a special event and can help you get media coverage.

Proclamations are optional and the processes and details may vary greatly in your community. City and state-level proclamations are the most common, however coporations, educational institutions, leagues, community groups, associations and other groups may also issue IPM Day proclamations.

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  1. Persistence pays. With the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we had to keep asking for status and reiterating the request, but it paid off and Governor Patrick signed a wonderful document which was read aloud last November by members of Central Mass and Mass Bay boards of directors.

    Start early, find the process for your local government, and keep plugging!

    • Deb Butler says:

      PMI CMass and PMI Mass Bay are again working with the Commonwealth, asking the Governor to proclaim November 1, 2012 as Project Management Day in Massachusetts! Stand by for Updates.

  2. Diana Jonas says:

    Thanks – please add any lessons learned – and timeline milestone docs for proclamations….did anyone do a project plan…can you share with us here in Ontario? 🙂 fyi I am a PMI GovCOP leader and would LOVE to publish your stories about getting these proclamations to become a reality….we have a summer magazine…anyone who has done this before can get some ink for your hard work in our biannual magazine…does not have to be this year etc previous wins are just as valid – we want our stories!

    send me your IPM day proclamation and other public sector stories – our editorial guidelines are in our magazine but I’m also happy to flip them to you…

    Regards Diana Jonas, PMP

  3. Kay Wais says:

    Our La Crosse, Wisconsin Mayor Matt Harter issued a proclamation for our city for 2012 again. This is the third year in a row that he has done it. And I have to say it has been a morale boost to our project management community. Here’s the wording he used:

    WHEREAS, project managers worldwide continuously work to improve our quality of life by enhancing services and products, building new communities, restoring environments affected by natural disasters, and supporting the economy; and

    WHEREAS, these dedicated professionals and their teams exemplify the importance of leadership, cooperation, creativity, innovation, and perseverance; and

    WHEREAS, project managers work tirelessly to bring value to the projects they manage by ensuring that projects meet the needs of their customers and are completed according to the highest of professional standards; and

    WHEREAS, the City of La Crosse has benefited tremendously from the work of project management professionals on projects such as the construction of new homes, efficient highway systems, dynamic facilities for business, athletics, and entertainment, and other improvements for the public and private sectors.

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, MATHIAS HARTER, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF LA CROSSE, do hereby proclaim November 1st, 2012 as


  4. Joel Carboni says:

    I met with the Board of Commissioners from Allen County Indiana today, (The largest in the state). They are issuing a proclamation!

    • Kay Wais says:

      Hi Joel, I see your proclamation came through today! Kudos. Yesterday I had our IPM Day proclamation for La Crosse scanned in and enlarged for display at a Nov. 1st city business expo.

      The proclamation also makes a good announcement and/or press release.

      • fsaladis says:


        Thank you for your support of International Project Management Day. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Frank Saladis

  5. Segun Giwa says:

    It’s less than a month to November 1st, however I would still take a shot at getting a proclaimation from the Governor of Lagos, Nigeria(West Africa).
    Let’s see how that goes…………
    If it’s gonna happen, it’s up to me.

  6. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up.

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