What Can You do for the “A Day In The Life” Project?

The big things you can do for the “Day In The Life” Project include contributing as a volunteer, but there are many other small things that you can do. The list below shows many things that can be done in few minutes:

  1. Post on Social Network about this project.
  2. Volunteer to help with the “Day In The Life” project.
  3. And more…


Contributing to a “A Day In The Life” stories as a volunteer

  • Evaluator – The project needs approximately 25 volunteer evaluators who will use preset criteria to judge the submitted writings. Evaluator Responsibilities: Review up to 20 submitted articles from an international audience, proof read content and recommend edits,  and render evaluations of articles for inclusion in the book in a fair and unbiased manner.


  • Project Manager Writer – Share your unique story as a project manager. Pick day during which something unique occurred that you would like to share with the project manager community.  It can be humorous or serious and it should provide some useful information in the form of a lesson learned, a best practice discovered, an inspirational leadership moment or some other way that will highlight the true value of project management, leadership and teamwork.  The articles will be 1-3 pages in length, 1500-3000 words, size 12 font, Arial, written in English. (translations into other languages will be considered as the project progresses).