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PMI Buenos Aries, Argentina Chapter is hosting a tour for IPM Day

PMI Tour Buenos Aires 2016 – Nuestras Conferencias

They are also celebrating their 20th Anniversary on 4 November 2016.

Zimbabwe IPM Day 2016

We are glad to share the Zimbabwe  IPM DAY 2016 EVENT DETAILS Below:

All PMZ Members and Non-members are hereby invited to attend the 2016 International Project Management (IPM Day) Breakfast Meeting at MTB Msasa on 3 November 2016 from 8am to 11am, please book your place via the Event Manager Miss Taruwedzera 0+263 4 776000 or just send an email to express your interest to attend to  on or before 2/11/16.

Read more about what IPM Day is all about and what the PMZ breakfast meeting will discuss from the links below:

New webinars are coming! Speakers are invited to submit topics for presentation

The IPM Day Webinar series will restart very soon. We have had many very informative sessions in the past and we are looking forward to resuming the series and contributing to the skill set and competency of the 21st Century Project Manager. Send us your suggested topics and we will work to deliver high quality sessions.

IPM Day 2016 is November 3! What are you planning for the day?