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Seeking Webinar Presenters

If you are interested in presenting a webinar for the IPM Day audience please contact and we can get it organized.

Spread the Word about International Project Management Day

International PM Day is a day of recognition for project managers. The project manager provides skills and knowledge critical to the success of most organizations. Take the time to acknowledge the work of the project manager and project teams. Schedule an event even if its just a coffee break and a simple thank you. It is important for executive management to take a moment and consider the impact of successfully managed projects and the effort required to complete projects successfully

Frank P. Saladis PMP Founder IPM day

New Webinar Recordings Available Under the Webinars Tab

Recent IPM Day Webinar recordings are posted under the Webinars tab. We have recently added Webinars on the topics of “Fast Track the WBS Through Mind Mapping” and “Learning How to Run Effective Meetings”.