2014 IPM Day Message

From Frank P. Saladis PMP, PMI Fellow

International Project Management Day is 6 November 2014. It is the first Thursday of November each year. It is not actually a day of celebration. It’s a day of recognition and acknowledgment for project managers and project teams. The day has been designated to raise awareness about the value a professional project manager brings to his or her organization. Many believe that project management is an “unappreciated profession.”  If you think about it, most people outside of the field have no idea what a project manager actually does in performance of their assignment. IPM Day is intended to provide project managers with a portion of the recognition they deserve. It is true that we shouldn’t need a specific day of recognition and that people who do great work should be thanked often but, it is also important to educate others about the great things people do. Consider IPM Day as the opportunity to offer a special thanks to the project managers of your organization and to take the time to show appreciation for the things that are accomplished through strong leadership and teamwork.