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Day in the Life Program

This program is being launched in 2012 with the purpose of collecting one-day, 24-hour, journals from project managers around the world and publishing the collection in an e-book.  It was first announced in the March 31, 2012 IPM Day newsbrief from Frank Saladis. The response has proven positive enough, with volunteers signing up already, that we are confident this program will proceed.

Elaine Jackson has been named the Director of the Day in the Life Program. Please comment here if you are interested in participating.

What Can You Do for IPM Day?

The big things you can do for IPM Day include hosting an event, getting a governmental proclamation, or getting involved with the sister city program, but there are many other small things that you can do. The list below shows many things that can be done in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Post a link to this web site on your organizations web site.
  2. about an IPM Day event your aware of.
  3. If you are a provider of services or products to project managers, offer an IPM Day product or service discount.
  4. Send out a IPMD greeting tweet or other social media message.
  5. Send an IPM day greeting cardto a project manager or project team member.
  6. Sign up for a project management course.
  7. Buy a new project management book.
  8. Send a LinkedIn invitation to a project manager.
  9. Make the decision to finally get that certification you’ve been thinking about!
  10. Put a note about IPM Day on next year’s calendar with a reminder about two months out, so that you don’t let the day go by unnoticed next year.
  11. Volunteer to help with the IPM Day effort.
  12. Contact a local official about getting an IPM Day proclamation for your area.

The Project Management Manifesto – Words to Live By from Project Professionals Worldwide

What’s Your Manifesto?

Do you have a personal manifesto that you’d like to share?

Exceptional Moments in Project Management

Share experiences that accentuate the value of project management and may inspire others to seek a career in project management.

Do you remember a time in your project management career when you and your team conquered a significant obstacle; turned a potential failure into incredible success; led a project team to extraordinary performance?

Show the International Project Management Community your “extraordinary”!

Your Vision and Thoughts on the Future of Project Management

Project management is in practice across all organizations, large and small. There is a growing need within most organizations to focus more on high quality results and lower costs. Project management methods, tools and techniques are part of the solution. What are your thoughts on how project management is changing and evolving to meet the future needs of the business, government and non-profit organizations?

April 6, 2012 IPM Day Volunteer Webinar

You might be a project manager if…

Inspired by the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck if…” humor, Frank Saladis was discussing how many people are project managers without realizing it. He suggested that it would be fun for us to see your creative responses to, “You might be a project manager if….”