November 7, 2013 was another record breaker! Thank you for participating and giving project managers a moment of recognition.


International Project Management Day 2013 was another record breaking year for participation and events. An estimated 100,000+ project managers, managers, project team members and people interested in project management attended events around the world. I personally presented at 6 different events between November 6 and November 8th. The participation by organizations including PMI chapters, project management training organizations, and large business including Fortune 500 companies indicates that the professional project manager is a key contributor to organizational success and deserves some recognition. One organization in particular, The International Institute for Learning, has been supporting the idea behind IPM Day for the last 10 years and provided an amazing virtual conference attended by over 50,000 project managers. Alcatel- Lucent provided their annual event to over 3000 employees. PMI chapters including New Jersey and the UK presented their annual events to sold out audiences. Nashville Tn Chapter obtained an official government IPM Day proclamation. many other organizations scheduled events and we will make sure they are all listed and recognized for their efforts to acknowledge project managers and promote the value of competent, well trained, and professional project managers who demonstrate their leadership capabilities.

Now its time to focus on 2014 and an even bigger year for the IPM Day concept. Spread the word about IPM Day. Inform your colleagues about the purpose behind the day and lets find a way to really harness the power of the professional project manager.

Sincerely and Respectfully

Frank P. Saladis PMP, PMI Fellow



  1. Juan Alberto Ramos says:

    Thanks to PM’s who convert customers’ wishes and requirements to reality.

    • Raul Velez says:

      Congratulations to all the PM Community that is making the difference by helping to build successful teams and delivering projects with quality

  2. Heather Barnett says:

    Loved your tag lines on PM podcast 246: “Project Management is part of every business… Have you ever heard someone say ‘Oh don’t make a PROJECT out of this’… PMs provide a valuable contribution to their organizations and should be appreciated… Perform amazing feats to get things done… There are people that are very good PMs and there are people that are not… We have a greater sense towards accepting the leadership position of a Project Manager… If we have Project Managers, we also have what I call Project Damagers, these are the folks that do the opposite… planning and planning too long and demoralizing the team, not making decisions, creating checklists.”

    • fsaladis says:

      Thank you. I think all project managers should promote the value associated with managing projects and producing the results clients expect. Project managers are in every industry and we all should focus on professionalism, continuous self improvement, and high quality work results.

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